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  • Three Things I Learned In Scotland

    Edinburgh is a majestic city. While most of my time was spent at legendary distilleries, I kicked off my trip in Edinburgh, and boy was it amazing. We stayed in a hotel three blocks from the castle in old town. The streets are beyond cobblestone. They are old, and I mean older than our country, or at least they feel that way. Everywhere you look feels like you are in a postcard from the Middle Ages. Read More...
  • Summer TV Style Report

    It's officially summer, time for hiking, camping, swimming, and surfing---the channels, that is. Until recently, no exec in their right mind would have aired new shows during the summer, but since the idea of a "TV Season" has been disrupted by binge-watching, multi-year-hiatuses, and mini-seasons, summer has become fertile territory, and there's a wealth of exciting---and stylishly entertaining---material to consume. Let's take a look. Read More...
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