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  • Boat Shoe Inventors Sperry Top-Sider Visit Wingtip 4/30

    An official shoe of the navy during WWII and a staple of Ivy League aspirants and life-stylers, the Sperry Top-Sider is an icon of American heritage footwear. Like most great inventions, this style was born of necessity. As per Sperry's website: "An avid sailor and inventor, who almost lost his life to a slippery deck, Paul Sperry spent years and dozens of experiments trying to perfect a non-slip boat shoe. "One day, after watching his dog dart effortlessly across the ice, he carved grooves - like those on his dog's paws - into the bottom of a rubber sole. In that moment of inspiration, the world's first boat shoe was born." The original boat shoe was created in 1935. And although Wingtip will always carry their staple boat shoes, we have also been excited with their seasonal, limited edition styles, like the Wingtips above. Wingtip welcomes Sperry Top-Sider on April 30. We are planning on naval cocktails and a gift-with-purchase for the occasion. See more events at Read More...
  • Everything you wanted to know about Derek Rose underwear

    Not that anyone asked, but since underwear is not a common topic of conversation amongst gentlemen, I thought I'd just throw my $.02 out there on the topic, and also explain why I'm actually excited about Derek Rose's new underwear line. Alternatively titled: why I own one pair of pyjamas, a bath robe, and slippers. Read it all on Read More...
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