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  • Breaking: Whisky Bundles and Whisky Club

    We here at Wingtip love whisky. Nay, love is not a strong enough word. We obsess over it, we read about it and drink it every day, and as soon as we can grow gills, we will breathe it. We drink it young, old, neat, and over ice; and whether its lineage is Scottish, American, Japanese, or some other whisky-loving nation, we will give it a fair shake. I think you get the point. We love the Golden Elixir that is the nectar of life--and we want to share it with you. To that end, Wingtip Bank Of Wine And Spirits manager Kyle Nadeau and myself have worked diligently putting together whisky bundles that will allow you to explore whisky regions from around the world. Each month will feature a three-bottle bundle of whisky for around $200, which will give you the chance to build an amazing whisky library. At the end of the year, if you choose to purchase each month (and if you still have some elixir left in each bottle), your home bar will be better stocked with whiskies than many bars in SF. Read More...
  • Spring TV Style Report

    Happy New Year! Before you protest, let me explain: If you're a TV junkie like me, the New Year doesn't really start until the Spring TV season debuts. So, by my calendar I'm still within the period where it's not awkward to say, heartily, "Happy New Year!" At this time of the season, new shows make their first appearances, and old shows return to finish up their season's run. But I won't bore you with what to watch and what to skip, we’re here to look at the best and worst dressed characters so far this season. Read More...
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