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  • Fun with Foie and Fancy Food

    Last week was a whirlwind of food and snacks for us here at Wingtip. Our first ever fundraiser for Foie Gras was thrown and the Fancy Food Show came to town for their annual convention. Read below for the recap of our 2-day food excursion. Sunday 01/17 IMG_0688 Last Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the overruling of the ban on Foie Gras. Put together by our very own Specialty Foods Director Matt Gill and Chef Matt Paine along with Hudson Valley Foie Gras & Duck Products and with C.H.E.F.S.(Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards), the event was held to promote and bring awareness to humane and ethical farming standards, especially for poultry products, like foie gras. Way back in 2012, a legislature went into effect that banned the sale of the fatty duck/goose liver we all love in California, but with heavy resistance from the Hot's Restaurant Group (Hot's Cantina in Northridge, Four Daughters in Manhattan Beach and Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach), Hudson Valley Foie Grois and a group of Canadian foie gras farmers called Association of des Eleveurs de Canards et d'Oies du Quebec along with lawyer Michael Tenenbaum, the coalition was able to successfully convince judge Stephen V. Wilson in 2015 to rule that the California ban on foie gras was unconstitutional because it interfered with an existing federal law that regulates poultry products. IMG_0580 Hudson Valley Foie Gras's Matt Igoe. Fast forward to 2016, the production of the foie gras in California is still a no-no, but the purchasing and selling of it is still indeed legal, because Attorney General  Kamala D. Harris, who filed an appeal on Judge Wilson's ruling a month after his decision is still working diligently to overturn the ruling, with her most recent filing being a month ago. When asked about his outlook toward foie gras, Michael Tenenbaum stated, "How can you sell marijuana, but you can't sell duck liver. [It's] unconstitutional." IMG_0697 Sean Chaney with his dish "Pita & Foie Together at Last" and Michael Tenenbaum.   Prepared for the fundraiser was an assortment of duck-themed dishes assembled by Chef Matt such as a "Foie Gras Manhattan"(sweet vermouth soaked pan de mie, fried duck fat with bourbon torchon, luxardo cherries) and tacos with duck barbacoa and foie'camole. Alongside these plates were three diverse foie gras dished crafted by three diverse chefs. IMG_0636 (1) IMG_0637 IMG_0657

    Top left: Chef Matt Paine. Middle: Specialty Foods Director Matt Gill &. Right: Duck Barbacoa Tacos with foie'camole. 

      Chef and Author Jennifer Booker Hill (Field Peas to Foie Gras: Southern Recipes with a French Accent) constructed a dish called "Terrine of Foie Gras" which incorporated truffled foie gras mousse, field pea salad, and pickled onion, Chef Cody Utzman of Frankie's Restaurant in Albany, OR prepared for us "Seared Foie Gras" which contained potato tortilla, duck & foie gras sausage, perigord black truffle, and a sous vide fuck egg yolk and Chef Sean Chaney of Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach, CA prepared a cheekily named dish, "Pita & Foie Together at Last" which contained seared foie atop a pita crisp. IMG_0644Chef Cody Utzman pictured far right.   IMG_0615Jennifer Booker Hill.   IMG_0627IMG_0652IMG_0694 (1)

    Top left: Chef Jennifer Booker's "Terrine of Foie Gras" and a Negroni Middle: Chef Cody Utzman's "Seared Foie Gras"  Right: Wingtip's Taylor White crafting some cocktails.

      Monday 01/18 What better way to get over the holidays and back to reality then with more delicious food snacks? On Monday the 18th, I accompanied Matt Gill and Matt Paine as they traversed the halls of the Mascone Center in the SOMA to gear up Wingtip for the year in the name of munching and noshing. This was my first time at this jam-packed event and it did not disappoint. Encompassing the entire arena was a plethora of snacks and accoutrements galore. With the guidance of the two Matts, I was able to traverse the overwhelming event that was the Winter Fancy Food Show. We meet with vendors of old, vendors of new, and explored new culinary happenings.   IMG_3163 Tasting authentic Balsamico.    IMG_3174Caviar from California Caviar Company   IMG_3170 Salami slices infused with Absinthe by Zoe's Meats.   IMG_3165 Tasting local dairy by Bleating Heart Cheese.    IMG_3161 Meats from the East.   IMG_3160Tasting Filipino Coconut Roasted Sea Salt.   IMG_3177Saying "Hi" to Raaka Chocolate.   IMG_3172 Jerky for when you're tired of charcuterie.   IMG_3173For Dessert.   IMG_3200"Bye have a great time!"   Read More...
  • 2016 Golden Globes Style Report

    Award season is coming...

    Last night the kickoff to the annual award season began with 2016 Golden Globes (awards for TV and film). Always a great inspiration for menswear and style, below are five of our favorite and least favorite looks for the night.



    Michael Fassbender- Classic, clean, and simple from head to toe.


    Jon Hamm- Even after the ending of Mad Men, this guy does not stop being dapper.


    Aziz Ansari- Always well-dressed and fly, we're huge fans of the black tartan. Great twist on a traditional look.


    David Oyelowo- Bold and not in a bad way.


    Rami Malek- Midnight Blue tuxes are always a good choice. Lapel pins are also a nice touch.



    Michael Shannon- Your tux is supposed to fit, not look like it's gonna suffocate you.


    Bryan Cranston- Black on black on black? You're Heisenberg, not a waiter.


    Quentin Tarantino- What's with the "ghetto" look man?


    Alan Cumming-  We have no idea what's going on here.


    Wiz Khalifa- We also have no idea what's going on here.

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