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  • You don't see hand embroidery every day

    We know our customers already appreciate craftsmanship: suits made by hand rather than machines, benchmade shoes, hand-painted cufflinks, to name a few. Machines have taken over so much of the world's production that sometimes it's hard to remember that something was ever done by hand. Embroidery is a good example. Your golf shirt with your country club's logo on it? The shirt is made mostly by machines, and I can guarantee you the logo was embroidered by a machine. And it probably should be, or else the shirt would cost double. So when I found out that one of our employees was a skilled embroiderer, the question wasn't if we should have her do something; it was what should we have her do? It needed to be something substantial to really show off the artistry. The Club needed a directory sign to help guide members & guests find their way, and so we asked Jessica Tang, our store assistant and hand-embroiderer, to create one. Because of the texture and detail, the photos don't really do it justice, but keeping it a secret would be worse. It is being framed this week and will find its permanent home by the end of the month. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="16828,16827,16831,16832,16833,16825,16826,16829"] Read More...
  • Oxxford Clothes Trunk Show This Wednesday

    Oxxford Clothes President Bob Denton returns to Wingtip this Wednesday. If you haven't heard us trumpet their accolades already, Oxxford creates for the finest handmade custom suit in America, providing a comfort and fit comparable to centuries old Savile Row tailors. Read More...
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