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Wingtip is a "one-stop shop" for the modern gentleman. Housed in 22,000 square feet in San Francisco's Financial District, the store features a custom clothing department, professional & casual clothing, cufflinks, pens, leather goods, barware, cigar accessories, a barbershop, and shoe shine stand. And that's just the store. A private club for our best customers houses a bar & lounge, private parlor rooms, a boardroom, golf simulator, and a wine cave.  

For store hours or the best ways to contact us, please visit the page cleverly titled, "Contact Us".


The seeds for Wingtip were planted at a young age for the company's Founder, Ami Arad. Four years of high school speech & debate meant weekends wearing a coat & tie, so when an old school men's store in Berkeley had a "Help Wanted" sign on the door, he applied and got the job. Grinding his teeth in the gritty underworld that was Berkeley's premier men's store -- George J. Good -- instilled certain qualities in Ami as a young man: expensive tastes (especially as they pertained to tailored clothing), a nostalgia for the men's haberdashery, and a desire to exceed customers' expectations. The grasshopper learned quickly, evidenced by twice being named a regional finalist in Esquire's "Best Dressed Real Man in America" competition.

A couple years later, Ami's high school friend, Jesse Potterveld, was working at a cigar shop in downtown San Francisco called Sherlock's Haven, which Forbes magazine would rate "one of the Top 10 tobacconists in the world." More bad habits were nurtured at the cigar shop, including a penchant for super-premium cigars, small batch bourbons, and a medium rare Porterhouse (sometimes all in the same evening). The mid 90's represented the peak of the "cigar boom," and the duo learned a lot from the store's infamous proprietor about how to run a successul retail operation, and more importantly, how to treat customers (well, most customers anyways). 

Ami returned to the men's store where management considered --but ultimately rejected-- opening a small cigar lounge in the back of the store. It was an idea Ami never forgot. 

In the Bay Area in the late 90's, it was difficult not to get sucked into the dot com vortex, and Ami managed to be recruited to a software company despite how well he dressed. Three years at Blue Martini Software resulted in hundreds of meetings with small & large retailers trying to figure out eCommerce when it was still in its infancy. It's also where he met company co-Founder, Sam Neth, a Principal Engineer and stubborn son-of-a-bitch who still builds everything from scratch. 

Wingtip's website was launched as an eCommerce venture in the summer of 2004. The first brick-and-mortar store was opened in San Francisco's Financial District in the fall of 2008. Wingtip, a social club for Wingtip's best customers, was added in the summer of 2010. And in the Spring of 2011, the company opened a 4,500 sq ft store directly above the original store. 

In the summer of 2012, the company signed a long-term lease to move to a new home at 550 Montgomery Street (at the corner of Clay) where the store and club now reside in a national historic landmark: the original Bank of Italy building. The store occupies the building's ground floor and lower level, while the club sits atop the two penthouse floors with stunning views of some of San Francisco's most iconic landmarks. 

We hope you'll come visit!