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Bills Khakis Buying Guide

Welcome to the world of Bills Khakis. If you're new to the brand, this will give you an overview of all the basics, including the Bills fit, their fabrics, and the quality that underpins each piece. We have a separate essay, the Bills Khakis Fabric Guide, that gives a more detailed analysis of their staple fabrics (pun kind of intended). In addition, there's our rigorously documented, thoroughly objective list of the Top Ten Things to Love About Bills Khakis, with footnotes included.

Bills Khakis come in 3 models: 

  • Model 1 (M1) is Bills' most relaxed fit, longer in the rise and full in the seat and leg.
  • Model 2 (M2) is their standard fit and about an inch less full trough the rise, seat and leg. As Bill would say, M2 "fits most people most of the time".
  • Model 3 (M3) is the trim fit: shorter in the rise and trim through the seat and thigh, but not hipster skinny.

If you'd like to see a visual comparison of the different models, click the question mark button next to the 'Model' drop down menu on any Bills Khakis product page. Incidentally, M1 and M2 are available in plain front and pleated styles, while M3 is plain front only.

All Bills Khakis (save their 5 pocket models) come unfinished, and we offer free hemming on all regularly priced pants. However, if you are trying out your first pair of Bills we suggest that you avoid having us finish them: once we hem the bottoms, the pants cannot be returned. Instead, keep them unfinished and enter the promotion code FreeAlterations at checkout to save 10% off each pair. That should be enough to have them finished by a local tailor.

The #1 selling fabric, the one Bills Khakis modeled after the US Army's WWII-era khakis, is the 8.5 oz Original Twill. Here in temperate San Francisco, we wear them practically year round.

If you're looking for something lightweight, say for Florida in the summer or golf in Palm Springs, you should consider the Lightweight Cotton Poplin pants.

For a slightly more refined look, suitable for casual Friday's at the office or dinner downtown, try the Cotton Gabardine or Chamois Cloth.

A more detailed analysis of your options is available on our Bills Khakis Fabric Guide page.

What makes Bills Khakis so great? A lot of things, actually: sturdy construction, deep pockets, brass zippers, a wide waistband, and thick, reinforced belt loops to name just a few. And like a well-constructed pair of dress pants, they're cut so that you can let them out or take them in as needed. In short, Bills leaves no detail unexamined.

In Conclusion...
We don't want to seem long-winded, but we recognize $115+ is more than many are used to paying for a pair of khakis. That said, we're confident you'll find Bills Khakis worth every penny.

And now you're ready to shop the collection in confidence...