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Top 10 Things to Love About Bills Khakis in Descending Order with Footnotes

10. Consistency. Bills' has a saying that they made their products better "by not changing a thing". There's something to it. It's a horrible feeling to fall in love with a product and then find out a season later, or years later, that it's no longer made. The core products in Bills Khakis' line have been there for 20 years, and will undoubtedly be there 20 years from now.

9. Plain or Pleats. Gentlemen of taste can have diametrically opposed views on the appropriateness of pleats on casual pants, but Bills Khakis doesn't care. Virtually* every pant they make comes in either a plain front or pleated version to satisfy everyone's personal preference.

8. Authenticity. Believe it or not, Bills Khakis was started by a guy named Bill; Bill Thomas to be exact. He set out to replicate the WWII army khaki, and while the line has expanded to include shirts, belts, and coats, great pants are what they are about.  

7. Khakis for any Climate. Between the 5.6 ounce Lightweight Cotton Poplin and the 10.2 ounce Bullard Twill are 7 other fabrics** of different weights to ensure you stay as cool or as warm as you like.

6. Made in the USA. All of Bills Khakis products are made in America. Not some. Or most. All.

5. Limited Edition. Once someone tries Bills Khakis, and likely falls in love with them, they'll often buy more of the same thing. Then they'll be "adventurous" and buy the same fabric in a different color. Then they may try a new fabric, and the same cycle takes place. But once you own khaki-colored khakis in two or three different fabrics, you may start to dabble in the Limited Edition pants & shirts that come out twice a year for Spring & Fall. The seasonal offerings often include new colors of classic fabrics, fabrics just for the season (think seersucker or madras for Spring and corduroy or woolens for Fall), and a couple of over-the-top designs for those that like attention.

4. Choice of Fit. While you could buy khakis elsewhere that fit in the waist, the Bills customer tends to be a little more discerning. Some guys prefer more room in their casual pants, so Bills has the Model 1 (their most relaxed fit). Some guys want their pants really slim, so Bills has the Model 3 (their most trim). Most guys are perfectly satisfied with the standard fit known as the Model 2. For Bills Khakis customers, a good fit doesn't start & stop with the waist.*** 

3. Tons of Fabrics. It's impossible to know where to start when talking about the wide variety of fabrics that Bills Khakis stocks year-round. We could describe them chronologically: 8.5 oz Twill [1980], Lightweight Poplin [1996], Bullard Twill [2005], Chamois Cloth [2005], Driving Twill [2007], Vintage Twill [2008], and so on. Or we could list them by weight (see #7). We could talk about the rich colors beyond Khaki & British Khaki that are availble in the Chamois Cloth (black, navy), Vintage Twill (bark, olive, weathered red). And we could talk about fabrics exclusive to their 5-Pocket models in Denim, Brunswick Denim, Weathered Canvas, and Bullard Twill. And we still wouldn't have touched all of the unique seasonal fabrics that are introduced as Limited Editions in the Spring (Sail Cloth, Linen, Cypress Cloth, etc.) and the Fall (Moleskin, Cavalry Twill, Dixie Wale Cords, etc.). The point is you will never get bored with Bills Khakis because there are always new fabrics to try.

2. Built to Last. There are a lot of little things about Bills Khakis that you only come to appreciate after two things:

a. You've owned lesser khakis from some other brand.
b. You get your first pair of Bills', and over time, come to notice things like the quality of a brass zipper, the heartiness of a slightly-wider-than-normal waistband, reinforced belt loops, deep pockets, and high-quality fabrics.

As much as we hate to say it, your body is more likely to change long before your Bills Khakis wear out. Fortunately, because they are tailored (as opposed to cut & sewn), they can be let out or taken in so you don't have to give up your favorite pair of khakis.

1. 110% Satisfaction Guarantee. From their website:

"We want you to be as proud to own a pair of Bills Khakis as we are to make them. If you are not satisfied upon receiving one of our products, or should the quality of our sewing ever fail you, we will make things right, whether it be exchange, repair or refund.****"

We've been carrying their products for almost 5 years now, and it is a privilege to work with them. There are very rarely problems, and when there are, they bend over backwards to make them right (as do we). It makes our job easier to work with a company so committed to their customers' satisfaction. 

* Model 3, the trimmest model, is not available with pleats.
* Nassau Twill, Chamois Cloth, Tropical Twill, Cotton Gabardine, Vintage Twill, 8.5 oz Twill, Driving Twill. That doesn't even include Limited Edition fabrics, 5-Pocket Models, or Corduroy!
***On The Fly offers free alterations on all Bills Khakis, but if you don't yet know which model fits you best, it is best to buy a pair from On The Fly unfinished so they can be returned or exchanged. When you finally find the pair you like best, we'll refund you up to $10 for having them finished by a local seamstress or tailor.
**** Over time, Bills cannot guarantee their product against becoming worn, torn, faded or frayed. Fabric rips and tears suffered in the pursuit of life’s adventures are unfortunately not covered under their 110% guarantee.