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The inspiration for Milwaukee-based HollenWolff goes back to 1924, when menswear company Sykes and Strandberg filed a patent for "bearing-lock cufflinks." Noted gentleman Stanley Hollenbeck might have worn a pair; so might have Paul Wolff, a tool and die manufacturer. But the roaring '20s and the cufflinks Wolff burned out, and it wasn't until a few years ago that Hollenbeck's and Wolff's grandsons, James Lohmiller (custom clothing salesman) and Kyle Stoehr (ball bearing manufacturer) teamed up. They were at a party, and Stoehr was recounting how he practically broke a sweat locking his cufflinks into place. Lohmiller had just spent the afternoon researching vintage "bearing-lock cufflinks," and Stoehr was just the guy to recreate the technology. The two channelled their grandfathers, snapped their names and ideas together, and HollenWolff was the functional result.