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Peter Millar Product Glossary

Peter Millar believes that once you know what makes up a great garment, you will appreciate the quality of their attire even more. To help guide you, they've provided a list of sartorial terms that you may find useful in knowing what goes into their products.

Broadcloth: A worsted or woolen fabric that has a velvety feel.
Cashmere: Soft, fine wool from a Cashmere goat.  This wool is typically used in sweaters and overcoats.
Coat Length: The measurement from the collar seam under the center of the back of the neck of a coat’s collar, down to the center bottom of the coat’s hem.
Twill: A diagonal pattern in the surface texture of cotton fabric. This effect created by the warp and weft yarns being woven and crossed.
Count System: The scaled used to evaluate wool quality.  The wool receives a grade, merino typically ranging from the 80’s or higher.  Finer yarns receive a higher grade number, while thicker yarns receive lower grade numbers.
Enzyme Wash: A garment of fabric wash that is used to create a broken-in or worn effect.
Flannel: A plain or twill loosely woven cloth with a slightly napped surface concealing the weave.
French Placket: A turn back placket on the center of a woven shirt. During construction the front panel fabric is folded over to the inside of the garment.
Full-Fashioned: A construction term for garments completely knitted to their finished shape on the machine.  Stitches are added or subtracted to widen or narrow the fabric for shaping.
Garment-Dyed: The process of dyeing a garment after it has been cut and sewn.
Garment-Wash: The process of washing a garment to achieve a broken-in or worn effect.
Gauge: The knitting measurement which refers to the width of a stitch. A higher gauge corresponds to a finer knit.
Jacquard: Any motif pattern or intricately woven fabric. These fabrics have to be woven on a jacquard loom.
Jersey: A knit fabric that can be made from cotton, wool, silk or other synthetic fibers.
Merino: A soft and fine wool similar to cashmere.  Merino wool only comes from the second and third sheerings from a sheep. After the third the wool grows in coarser.
Pick Stitch: A thicker, more widely spaced stitch than the traditional machine stitching.
Pima Cotton: Long-staple cotton used in finer-quality garments.
Pique: A cotton fabric with a ribbed or corded surface.  This fabric can be woven and formed into waffle or honeycomb effects.  Knit pique’s are most common in men’s polo shirts.
Poplin: A tightly woven plain weave fabric with pronounced ribs due to warp yarns that are heavier and courser than the weft yarns.
Silk: An extremely long and strong fiber extruded by the silkworm that is processed and woven. Silk resists wrinkling and is very resilient.
Super 100’s Wool: A fabric woven with very fine wool threads.  The higher number of threads per inch allows for a softer hand.
Tailorable Waistband: A two piece waistband that is seamed along the center back. This allows the garment to be tailored to fit the wearer.
Waistband: A strip of material that runs along the top of the trouser which forms a finish.
Warp: The yarn that runs lengthwise in a loom and is crossed by the weft. The warp yarn typically runs vertically in a garment.
Weft: The filling yarn that runs crosswise in a loom. The weft yarn typically runs horizontally in a garment.