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Alliteratively speaking, Xikar follows four fundamentals in each product it develops: (1) Function: extremely high functional, mechanical and material quality are essential to each product. (2) Form: beautiful design enhances the experience and enjoyment of their products. XIKAR product should be ergonomic (easy to the hand) and artful (easy to the eye). (3) Fair: a fair price, combined with quality and design. And (4) Forever: an unconditional, lifetime guarantee on all XIKAR products.

Cigar Lighters

3 Colors Available
Xikar Genesis Lighter
2 Colors Available
Xikar Pipeline Lighters
4 Colors Available
Xikar Pulsar Lighter
3 Colors Available
Xikar Escalade Double Flame Lighter
3 Colors Available
Xikar Flash Lighter
4 Colors Available
Xikar ELX Lighter