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Calculating Cost Per Shave

$22 for a tub of shave cream? You must be kidding!

On the contrary, Truefitt & Hill's shave creams are your best investment.

The opening scene of Good Will Hunting centers on a mathematician's challenge to his students to solve a seemingly impossible proof. The proof involved justifying the monetary investment in a tub of Truefitt & Hill shave cream by comparing it to cheaper, grocery-store alternatives.

Note: This analysis does not take into account the fact that Truefitt & Hill shave creams provide a much closer shave than Edge Gel or Gilette Foam out of a can.


  • you have a 5.8 oz. tub of Truefitt & Hill shave cream;
  • and you shave 5 days a week (weekends are optional in our opinion);
  • and, you're using the product correctly (only a fingertip's worth of cream is required if your hands and face are wet so it lathers best; this is why we recommend shaving in the shower);
  • and you are using it to shave only your face and neck;

then...a typical gentleman will get 100-150 shaves out of a single tub of Truefitt & Hill shave cream lasting between 4-6 months. At a cost of $22, that works out to just $0.15/shave.

Isn't your face worth $.15 a day?

The Cost Per Shave Proof