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It's an unspoken assumption that the way you carry your cash reflects the way you conduct your life. Pull out an overstuffed wallet with cash buried under months worths of receipts and a driver's license being strangled by the countless credit and club cards and people might think twice about how 'together' you are. Likewise, a well-organized, but velcro-zipped billfold will make your company wonder if you're still wearing the same socks and underwear you had in High School.

Thus, a gentleman knows that a key to maintaining a well put-together profile lies in making sure that his cash and cards are kept as neat and orderly as every other part of his look. Beyond avoiding a bulging pocket (which might we add is a perfect way to ruin the look of a great suit or nicely tailored pants), keeping your cash under control sends a silent, but important message to those around you. A message that goes something like, "I'm on top of my game, nothing slips by me ... and don't you forget that".

Neat and orderly comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, however, and the precise style in which you tote your cash or cards offers an opportunity to quietly transmit even more information to those around you. So, in choosing the way you plan to carry your cash and sundry items might we offer the following decoder to the different directives emitted by these decisive pocket-accessories.

Classic Billfold

Tri-fold versus Bi-fold
The basic, leather billfold is perhaps the most traditional and unassuming option available. The tri-fold is the most classic option, and the man carrying it sends a somewhat 'retro' message -- as this design was the gold standard long before the platinum card took roost. The tri-fold is less wide than a bi-fold since it's sized to accommodate cash folded in three (versus simply in half), but it's design is really only best if you primarily carry cash and only a couple cards. For this reason, most men prefer the bi-fold and many wallet makers have completely phased the tri-fold out of their collections (some even commenting that this is because they feel the bi-fold is the more fashion-forward option). A bi-fold wallet tends to remain slimmer and not show through your pocket as easily as a tri-fold wallet (without limiting your card options). The bi-fold's wider design also tends to fill the width of your pocket more snugly. The man who chooses the bi-fold sends the discreet message that he's mindful not only of even the most minor fashion trends, but also of his wallet (as he literally likes to feel it in his pocket).

The bi-fold billfold with flip ID window
In addition to preferring a modern, yet traditional and unassuming design, the owner of this wallet also gives the impression that he is used to having to have his ID handy. Thus one might suspect that he either drives a very fast car and is prone to speeding tickets, or he is a man about town who is often at the bars or clubs. That, or he's either slowly getting used to civilian life after retiring from civil or service, or grew-up watching a lot of drag net.

Card Case

Carrying a card case in lieu of wallet says that your style is utilitarian first and foremost. Generally, this says that you prefer to travel light and keep your accessories minimal. On the other hand, such a choice might also point to the idea that you prefer to wear tight-fitting italian pants on the weekends over more conservative business suits. Either way, this is a good option if you believe that less is more.

Money Clip

At heart, the money clip says just what you'd expect it to, "I CARRY CASH." Although some money clip devotees claim that it also (and much more discreetly) asserts that, "I've lost my wallet in the past and like to keep my cash separate -- in case of emergency". Either way, a man with a money clip declares that doesn't deal in credit alone, plus he probably likes to keep certain aspects of his business completely independent of one another and he probably has a small billfold or card case in another pocket holding his ID and cards. If you're carrying a money clip, you're probably someone who prefers his bourbon straight over a manhattan.

Breast Pocket Wallet

This design is meant for deep pockets (literally and figuratively) and it tells people that business suits, sportcoats, or formal jackets are common staples in your wardrobe. If you're pulling-out a breast pocket wallet, you're sending the message that you are a man who is never turned away from a "Coat & Tie Required" establishment.

Passport Cover

If a passport cover plays a regular role in your life and can safely be regarded as your 'wallet', you're obviously an international man of mystery. As such, we'd rather remain on your good-side and won't be revealing any other personality secrets herewith.

Rubber-band, or Brief Case

No ID necessary, the money will do all the talking tonight.