An urban refuge for loyal customers of Wingtip, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

The Club at Wingtip is a place to network with friends and like-minded individuals, entertain out-of-town guests, or simply catch your breath during the busy workweek. Whether it is a detour from responsibility, or your office away from the office, at any given moment, the Club at Wingtip is a destination of substance.

About the Club

This is not a bunch of old guys in a steam room talking about what a raw deal Prohibition was.

Wingtip is a 21st Century interpretation of the classic social club infused with fresh ideas from the best restauranteurs, bartenders, innovators, and haberdashers of the day. By design, the club is exclusive without being stuffy, and our membership remains a diverse mix of sophisticated and engaged individuals. Our unlikely origin began in traditional men’s retail, but over the past 8 years we have become known worldwide for offering the finest in men’s apparel, accessories, and home furnishings. In early 2010, we added a small clubhouse to our operations with one simple goal: To offer more to our best customers… more products, more experiences, and more space to spread out and enjoy the finer things in life. In late 2012, we will be expanding to our new home — the two penthouse floors at 550 Montgomery. This 20th Century landmark is stone’s throw from the Transamerica Pyramid, and a mere elevator ride from our current store, barbershop, and bespoke business. We are currently accepting Charter Members, who are getting in on the ground floor of something entirely new — a contemporary clubhouse steeped in history; part social space, part restaurant, part bar, and part shopping experience. We know of nothing else like it on the planet.

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The Space

The Views from 11

Better than your office. And not just because it has a liquor license.

Occupying 13,000 square feet at the top of a national historic landmark building in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, Wingtip is a thoroughly modern mixture of old world institutions. Part bar, part social club, Wingtip is everything from a barn for the clotheshorse to a home base for the executive on-the-go to a sanctuary for the man or woman about town.

The Main Bar & Lounge

The main Bar & Lounge on the 10th floor is the backbone, the staging ground if you will, for all of the entertainments Wingtip has to offer, but it is not without a vibrant central nervous system. Enjoy the bar’s ample seating around a large, island bar on a barstool for front row service, or in a plush club chair to people watch from the periphery. Take in stunning views of the a San Francisco icon, the Pyramid Building. Visit the Whiskey corner for one of the city’s best collection of single malts and small batch bourbons. All of the furniture in the bar is upholstered in Dormeuil suiting fabrics, making it one of the most expensive pieces of bar furniture you’ll ever sit on (and it may inspire your next suit purchase!). With different needs and expectations in mind, the space has enough lush lounge space to handle anything from the cool calm of date-night, to the rowdy chaos of March Madness.

Whisky Corner

Just off the main Bar is our Whisky Corner: a small seating area to show off the 200+ whiskies we carry at any given point in time. If Scotch is your thing, you'll find 100+ single malts in a list to long to do justice here. If you prefer bourbon or rye, you'll see a healthy selection of Michter's, High West, Four Roses, Angel's Envy, George T. Stagg, and of course some Pappy. True connoisseurs can try such trophies as Glenmorangie Pride, Highland Park 40, Dalmore 1974, Balvenie 40, or the Yamazaki 25 by the ounce, by the dram, or in a flight for a true tasting experience. All while gazing through a picture window directly across from the Pyramid.

The Wine Cave

While we expect members and their guests to enjoy wine throughout the club, we have dedicated 2,500 square feet to wine-inspired amenities. No TVs. No cocktails. Just a 2,700 bottle, temperature-controlled wine cellar designed by Thomas Warner, a bar designed for members to share their wine with others, a wine locker room for members’ storage, and two small parlor rooms dedicated solely to the enjoyment of Champagne and Port/sherry/Madeira respectively.

Private Parlor Rooms

Private Parlor Rooms What used to be executive offices for the Bank of San Francisco have been converted into private parlor rooms for entertaining. Seating four to eight, each room has its own distinctive personality: the Velvet Room inspired by the dinner jacket, the Corduroy room, the Leather room sponsored by Moore & Giles, and the Tweed Room outfitted by Johnstons of Elgin. Embrace your role as host in a room where you can keep tabs on the activity of the bar while keeping your conversation private. Play your own music. Watch your own TV. Enjoy total privacy in the already private club.


Wingtip’s new home features a kitchen that used to cater to the Bank of San Francisco’s executives and clients. Combining the kitchen’s capabilities with table-side presentations of desserts, cheese, and charcuterie, the food program will be what you would expect of a high-end club expected to compete with some of the top restaurants in the world just a cab ride away. While formal sit-down dining may or may not be in the club’s future, members & guests can expect to satiate their appetites no matter how big or particular.

Game Rooms

Billiards Room

In order to provide you with your daily fix of feuds, fights and fixtures, we house an interactive entertainment Mecca built to unleash your competitive energies without your having to break a sweat, or spill a drink. We are all competitors at heart, with killer instincts fine tuned and on point. For some, it’s the rush of adrenaline at the flip of a card or the break of the rack. Others test their intellectual mettle with a game of chess. Whatever suits the mood, we all enjoy jockeying for position and a healthy dose of bragging rights.The former office of the CEO of the Bank of San Francisco has been converted into a stunning Billiards room. A regulation Brunswick Treviso table sits atop an early 20th Century Kashan rug (on loan from Peter Pap Oriental Rugs) in a room with a wet bar and gorgeous views of the old Federal Reserve building.

The strategic thinker should bring a worthy opponent for a game of backgammon, dominos, chess, checkers, or cribbage; quants may prefer the computational intensity of Liar’s Dice or the thrill of the river at the Brunswick poker table. Board game traditionalists can enjoy Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, RISK, or Yahtzee.

Finally, for the duffer, we have a TruGolf Prestige Golf Simulator featuring 85 courses from all over the world, including St. Andrews (New, Old, and Jubilee), Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, Oakmont, and many more.


The President of the United States: that’s who we’re designing our Boardroom for. Just in case he…or sheever needs to drop in for an emergency meeting. Gunlocke, makers of the Washington Chair chosen for the Oval Office by six of the last nine U.S. Presidents, is providing the boardroom table and chairs that will adorn our primary conference room. Opening in the summer of 2013, the Boardroom will feature all the usual refinements: wifi, projection, video conferencing, and attentive but non-intrusive service from our team.

Roof Deck

The top priority in the new year is the build-out of a roof deck on the southern exposure of the space. Featuring gorgeous views, the deck will be furnished with ample seating, heat lamps, a Fuego Modular Grill, and toys (think 1960s Russian anti-aircraft binocular set).


Some would say we’re obsessive-compulsive. We would dispute that in a handwritten note with a fountain pen and letterpress stationery.

Concierge? Check. Single malt scotch, small batch bourbons, craft cocktails & beers, fine wines, vintage champagne, French press coffee and traditionally crafted loose leaf teas. Unplug with dozens of newspapers & lifestyle magazines; or plug-in if you prefer with iPads, Kindles, and wifi.


We work hard, make money and take pleasure in spending it. We know that the finer things in life are integral to our lifestyles, and enjoy the hunt. Welcome to Wingtip’s storefront - the one destination that will change the way you acquire your classic threads, latest trends and best kept secrets. Think of it as the club’s "Pro Shop," with everything from bespoke suits to custom stationery, cufflinks to pewter-mounted drinking horns, Wingtip’s retail arm specializes in the best of the best in apparel & accoutrements.  As an extension of the club, there are a variety of benefits that involve and the store on the ground floor of the building, including…

Exclusive Promotions

Our promotional strategy revolves around two central beliefs:
  1. Many, if not all, of the products we sell will become your favorites and our job is to get you hooked, and
  2. if you do not recoup your initation in savings in the first year, you probably joined the wrong club.

Private Sales

Wingtip has two major sales each year: in late June to sell through Spring’s merchandise, and after Christmas to close out Fall merchandise. As a member you will have early access to these sales, and you will be invited to private sales from time to time throughout the year.

Priority Tailoring & Complimentary Life-of-the-Garment Alterations

The typical tailor wants a week to ten days to complete your alterations. If you have a great relationship with your tailor, you can sometimes pay for faster service, or maybe they do you a favor. Wingtip members, however, have their alterations prioritized for same-day or next-day turnaround. Let’s face it: our bodies change with the passage of time. Sometimes for the better, and we hope not for the worse. Whether you need something taken in or let out, the most important thing is that anything a Wingtip member purchases from the store should fit properly. Members may bring in any clothing item purchased from the store and have it altered at no charge.

The Libraries

Pocket squares, cufflinks, ties, scarves, ascots and yes, watches. Gentlemen that regularly wear pocket squares tend to own a handful, but most would admit that they’d love to own more. More colors, different fabrics, a variety of patterns. Pocket squares are not terribly expensive, but it’s not usually at the top of his shopping list, either. With the Pocket Square Library, a member can come in and "check out" a square from dozens of options. As long as the pocket square is not lost or ruined in any way, it can be brought back, and a new one can be borrowed. Free of charge. With the success of the Pocket Square Library, it was only natural we would expand into other categories. Members that purchase cufflinks from Wingtip gain access to a library of 50 cufflinks in a variety of styles, finishes, colors, and stones. Take one out, wear it for a day or a week, bring it back, and swap it out for a new pair. Same goes for a collection of neckwear, scarves, and ascots.

Most recently, the club added a Watch Library. Housing $200,000 worth of inventory, the Watch Library features 8 Panerai watches, a couple from Girard-Perregaux, Rolex, Omega, Chronoswiss, Bell & Ross, and others.

Random Perks that Only a Wingtip Member Could Love

The only thing worse than preparing to light your cigar or a lady’s cigarette with your fancy S.T. Dupont lighter and finding it’s empty, is to pull out your Visconti pen to sign a huge deal and realize it’s out of ink. A trip to the store and several dollars later, you have the special cartridge to refill your lighter or pen. Such a scenario will never happen to Wingtip members. They receive complimentary cartridges or refills for any pens or lighters from Dunhill, S.T. Dupont, or Visconti, purchased from the store or This privilege does not extend to heirs of the aforementioned items who may still find a second lifetime of use out of these fine products.

Wine Lockers

Wine LockersThe club’s collection will span the globe, but if you have some birth year wine you’re saving for a special event, or you only drink Pinot d'Aunis, rent a locker to store wine downtown. Wingtip’s vision is to house an award-winning wine collection. We do, after all, have a 2,700 bottle cellar to fill. The club has already begun accumulating a phenomenal wine list; names like Chateau Latour, Mouton-Rothschild, Haut Brion, Cardinale, Verite, Cain Five, Darioush, Caymus are already featured on the wine list. At the same time, we recognize that even the club’s collection will not appease every oenophile.

Wine Lockers

Wingtip members have the option of renting a wine locker in the to-be-temperature-controlled Wine Locker Room. Lockers hold up to a case of wine behind lock and key with the member’s name engraved on a brass nameplate. Enjoy your special bottle of wine at the club, or grab one before heading to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Champagne Room

If the first thing that comes to mind when we say Champagne Room is "I love champagne," you’ll like what we’re doing. If the second thing that comes to your mind is the Chris Rock refrain, then you’ll love what we’re doing. A modicum of privacy, comfortable seating, authentic riddling racks, a bullseye for practicing sabrage, and a Champagne Passport program that may get you a free ticket to France, are just some of the things we have in store for our Champagne Room.


Meant to be a place to entertain friends & family, clients & colleagues (but not all at the same time), we have paid special attention to those details that make for a proper first impression. Life’s too short for overcrowded bars, uncomfortable wooden chairs, loud music, paper cups, servers that don’t remember your name, plastic coat hangers, and single-ply toilet paper. The staff and facilities at Wingtip are a cut above in every respect because our members expect it.

The Staff

The Staff

The hospitality offered at the club all starts with the staff. At this point, we consider them family, and we expect our members to, too. The club recently welcomed our new Bar Director, former SF Chronicle Rising Star, Brian MacGregor, to run our cocktail & spirits program. He joins Brad, our Membership Director, and Jennifer, the club’s Concierge, who have been with the club for over two years now. Our hosts & hostesses are trained --perhaps brow-beaten-- into attending to every detail, including those that most members would probably not notice in a million years. We make sure your personal belongings are organized carefully in your own catch-all while at the bar, or that your Scotch or bourbon on the rocks comes with just one rock that happens to be in the shape of a perfect sphere (unless you don’t mind dilution, in which case, of course we’ll give you regular old rocks). Most importantly, members that visit even semi-regularly are recognized by name, if not also by drink.


At its most subversive, the club is a showcase for the finer things in life. So drinking a fine wine out of hand-blown stemware is both an amenity and a subliminal reminder that you’ve been meaning to buy new stemware for your home. If you’re the type that notices those little details — and we recognize that not everyone is — then you’ll consider the following "amenities" of the club: hand-blown stemware worthy of a glass of ’85 Krug or ’07 Verite, porcelain espresso cups & coffee mugs, rotating artwork hung throughout the club, solid maple wood coat hangers worthy of supporting the finest suit or sport coat, and ultra-clean restrooms outfitted with pewter soap dispensers, towel trays, and waste baskets are just some of the details we obsess about so that you don’t have to.


There is hardly a busier group of people in the world than our members. Wingtip has been designed for use on your own schedule and your own terms. But that doesn’t mean we don’t offer plenty of excuses to visit the club on our schedule and on our terms. As with any club worth its salt, we have a lot going on indoors.

Food, Wine & Spirits Events

The Bar will make a perfect venue for events centered around food, wine, beer & spirits, and we plan to take full advantage of our natural assets. Scotch tastings are a dime a dozen, and we’ll do them from time to time, but we like to think outside the box: quarterly Supper Club events where we leave the confines of the club to experience the finest restaurants in the Bay Area, blind wine tasting competitions, a cribbage tournament, or celebrate the cracking of a 90 lb. wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Sporting Events

Failure to take advantage of the sheer number of TVs in a space like this for sporting events is criminal in 13 states. As such, you can count on a front row seat to the World Cup, NBA Finals, NHL Finals, the World Series, the Superbowl, March Madness, tennis & golf’s Majors, horse racing’s Triple Crown, World Series of Poker, fight nights, and more. For example, last year’s Kentucky Derby party featured a crowd decked out in seersucker suits, summer dresses, and of course, hats.

Club Tournaments

Club Tournaments

What good is being good at something if you can’t see your name immortalized on a trophy? Wingtip hosts annual tournaments for billiards, backgammon, foosball, cribbage, and other pursuits not yet recognized by the typical country club.

The Semi-Annual Parties

In a world dominated by business casual attire or less, we’ve found our members eager to dress to the nines once or twice a year. December 12, 2012, which happens to be Frank Sinatra’s birthday [may he rest in peace], will mark our 2nd Annual Holiday Party, and it is a bash. Black tie encouraged. Sinatra impersonator. Amazing food & beverages. Prizes to the best dressed. Beginning in 2013, the club will add a James Bond-themed party to fall every year on May 28th, Ian Fleming’s birthday.

Upcoming Calendar

Kentucky Derby Party

May 2

From Russia with Love

May 30

4th Annual Frank Sinatra Holiday Party

Dec 12

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers — at least some of them. There are some secrets to which only members are privy…

1Is this a men’s club?

No! Do they still make those?! This is a space for men & women that appreciate the spirit of Wingtip. The club is open to all, and members are encouraged to bring guests of any and all genders that exist today (or might exist in the future). Admittedly, the amenities are most likely to appeal to those with masculine tastes, but who are we to question your style? We believe in discriminating tastes, without discrimination.

2Where is it?

Wingtip is located at 550 Montgomery at the corner of Clay in the original Bank of Italy building. The club, open to members and their guests, is on the top two floors of the building (10 & 11).

3You say this is a ”Loyalty Program unlike any I’ve ever experienced.” What do you mean by that?

The club is an extension of Wingtip, the store. With most of your monthly dues converted into credit for use in the store or on our website, each member is essentially committing to spend at least $1,200-$1,800 a year at the store or online. For our most loyal customers, this is often accomplished in a visit or two; which, if viewed through the eyes of someone with a shopping problem. In a way, members are making Wingtip their go-to men’s store, and in return, we’ve created this unique space to relax and entertain.

4What is the policy for inviting guests?

Wingtip is meant to be a place to entertain family & friends, clients & colleagues. Members may be bring up to three (3) guests to the club at any time. Entertaining larger groups can be accommodated in our private parlor rooms.

5What are the club's hours?

Currently, the club opens at 8am and closes at 10pm on Mondays and Fridays, and 11pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The Club is open from 12pm until 8pm on Saturdays. Breakfast is served from 8am-10am, lunch from 11:30am-2:30pm, and dinner from 5pm-9pm.

6Is there a dress code in the Club?

While we think everyone looks better in a finely tailored suit, there is no formal dress code. Smart attire is recommended. We do prohibit shorts, sandals, and sweats, but we don't think that should be controversial.

7How much does membership cost?

There are multiple levels of membership — all of which enjoy the club’s full list of amenities, liberal guest policy, and exclusive shopping privileges. Your choice of membership level will be based on how often you plan to visit the club.

  • A Regular member has unlimited access to the club. The one-time initiation is currently $4,000 and the monthly dues are $300/month. A Regular member accrues $2,400 in store credit every year from their dues. Most of our Regular members live or work in downtown San Francisco, and many use the club several times a week.
  • Social membership entitles a member to six (6) visits per quarter. The one-time initiation is currently $3,000 and the monthly dues are $200/month. Social members accumulate $1,800 a year in store credit with their dues. Many of our Social members live in the Bay Area, but just aren't downtown that often, while others visit us every time they're in town from New York, LA, Seattle, London, Sydney, or Columbus, Ohio.
  • Designed for our best web customers, the Visiting membership allows five (5) visits per year. The one-time initiation is just $1,000 and the monthly dues are $100/month. Visiting members accrue $1,200 in store credit over the course of the year. Our Visiting members are mostly long-time web customers that occasionally come to San Francisco, but take ample advantage of the shopping privileges.
Social and Visiting members can always upgrade if they find themselves using the club more than anticipated by just paying the difference between their current membership level and their desired membership level. The initiation and/or dues are subject to change at any time for new members; take heed, membership will never be cheaper than it is today.

8What's this I hear about a Wingtip LA?

Wingtip will be opening a store & Club in downtown LA this fall/winter as part of the $200M redevelopment of The BLOC at 7th & Flower. Wingtip LA, like San Francisco, will offer a sophisticated escape from the hustle and bustle of the business district. The Club will feature many of the amenities found in in the San Francisco club, including a large bar & lounge, private parlor rooms, a Billiards Room, Boardroom, Golf Simulator, Whiskey Corner, and Wine Cellar & Wine Lockers.

Members of LA and SF will have complimentary access to the other Club until a third Wingtip opens (nothing in the works right now). Once there are three or more Wingtips, members will be able to pay a small monthly fee for complimentary access to all Clubs, or they can purchase a Day Pass if unlimited access does not make sense. But until #3 opens, members will have access to both subject to the number of visits for your level of membership.

9Are the shopping privileges that big of a deal?

If you like to acquire nice things, yes. If you don't, you can probably stop reading now. If any member fails to save his/her initiation in the first 12 months of membership, either we’ve failed you, or you joined the wrong kind of club.

And we are constantly thinking of innovative ways to integrate the store and club experiences. For example, we recently announced a very compelling perk for those members that purchase a tuxedo through the store.

10Will membership be limited?

Absolutely. Our goal is to create an environment that is busy but not crowded. No one wants to come to an empty club, but no one wants to be three deep at the bar either. At this point, we assume our capacity will peak somewhere between 1,200 and 1,600 members.

11I'm {insert your age here}. Are there other members my age?

If you answered with anything over "21" and under "dead," then yes, there are members your age. For what it's worth (fwiw for you kids), the average age of our membership is 40, but we have members in their early 20s and members in their late 70s. Wingtip prides itself on the diversity of its membership.

12How long has Wingtip been around?

Short answer: 10 years. Longer answer: here.

13How do I see the place and learn more?

Just scroll down a few more inches and click on the Request a Tour button. We'll ask a few questions that we would love answers to, and we usually get back to inquiries within 24-48 hours.