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Spirit Decanters

Remember the phrase, Can I fix you a drink? Think about it...I know it harkens back to high school dances and nervous trips to the punch bowl, but it also conjures up images of classic Hollywood sets with living room bars topped with bulbous urns of Scotch and Bourbon. Well, those good old days are gone forever. In fact, it seems that crystal bowls and tabletop decanters are now in danger of disappearing altogether, going the bygone way of Beta tapes and VHS recorders.

In this somewhat chivalry deficient world, we seem to be getting greedy with our fine spirits and luxury liquor. We lock them away in private cabinets and basement cellars; we banish them to our garages. To that end (and without snubbing our cohort of collectors and connoisseurs), we vote to take a few moments to remember the valuable lessons learned from our collective past – namely, the importance of sharing.

Thankfully, Spirit Decanters will forever be linked to the phrase, "Can I fix you a drink?" (that intimate little phrase which connotes gift giving, sharing and spending time together). Their purpose is twofold, to be used as elegant displays and convenient invitations to pour. For the Modern Gentlemen who appreciates the finer things in life, not to mention good conversation, laughter and friendship, a Spirit Decanter is a must-have addition to any bar top.

Due to the longer term storage of spirits in decanters, the decanters we purvey are handcrafted using only lead-free materials. These exquisitely hand polished and 100% lead-free crystal decanters are designed to protect your "good stuff", while keeping it on hand to share with all those in need of a nightcap.

Wine Decanters

"I prefer to decant wines, both young and old. It is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines." - Christian Moueix

Unlike Spirit Decanters, Wine Decanters are not used for long term storage. Simply put, they are elegant tools used just prior to serving your favorite vintages. There are two significant reasons why we decant wine prior to serving, the first being to allow the wine room to breathe. Although there is some debate over how much time is actually needed, younger wines should be allowed at least an hour to "open up" inside of a decanter. Wine Decanters are designed to expose larger surface areas to oxygen, and any robust full bodied wine will benefit greatly from this intermediary step.

Secondly, Wine Decanters are used to separate the sediment from the drinkable liquid. For this reason, it is critical to decant older red wines and ports that have spent much of their existence maturing inside of the bottle. If left to be poured directly from the bottle, these wines will throw a deposit of sediment into your stemware and sully both the taste and appearance of your wine.

As any sommelier will explain, if you plan on collecting and serving mature wine, you should invest in a Wine Decanter. Besides, it will look wonderful on your table nestled between the meat and potatoes.

A side note: Many Wine Decanters are still crafted in crystal that contains small traces of lead. Because wine is kept in a Wine Decanter for a matter of hours (and not days or months), the lead content in the crystal is relatively harmless. Alcohol should not be stored for significant amounts of time in lead crystal.