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Wingtip Rewards


The Basics

Earn 1 point for each $1 you spend.
Redeem 10 points for $1 in savings on merchandise. 

For example, a $200 order = 200 points. 
200 points = $20 in merchandise or savings on merchandise

Occasionally, we'll run special promotions in our email newsletters with the opportunity to earn bonus points, and we have big plans for exclusive products that can only be acquired by our most loyal customers with points. 

Just check a box when you check out, and start earning points right away.

The Fine Print

Points are generated after an order, or part of an order, is shipped. Due to the 30 day Return Policy, Members will see points in a "Pending" state until thirty (30) days after the order ships. After 30 days, Members may redeem points for merchandise, or use them to save on merchandise.

Points are accrued, but cannot be redeemed, for any items marked down 25% or more.

Points are not earned, nor can they be redeemed, for gift wrapping, alterations, shipping, or sales tax.

Unused points will expire after twelve (12) months. When redeeming points at an Wingtip (formerly On The Fly) store or through, the oldest points will automatically be applied first. Only those points that were generated twelve months earlier will expire; points generated since then will remain in the Member's balance for use.

Points are earned on the purchase of gift certificates, but cannot be redeemed for gift certificates.

The Superfine Print

The Wingtip Rewards Program has detailed Terms & Conditions in the inscrutable legalese you were probably hoping to find on this page.  Look no further.  The excruciating particulars, which you accept implicitly by enrolling in the program, can be found here: Wingtip Rewards Terms & Conditions