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Gifts For "The Guy Who Has Everything"

Everyone hates shopping for "the guy who has everything." In fact, people find their way to our site in fretful search of a gift for such a man. We're happy to help, and can assure you the task is much easier than you think. We begin with a crucial pronouncement: 

The "guy who has everything" doesn't truly have everything. 

You may think he does, but he knows he actually doesn't. The irony in all this is that the guy who has everything has an insatiable desire for things -- new things, more of his favorite things, and/or better versions of things he already has. This immutable fact leads to a few guidelines and suggestions...

Cashmere SocksBuy him the best-in-class of whatever you're going to buy him within your budget. 

Let's say you want to spend $50 on him. Your thought process should begin with the question: what would I never, in a million years, spend $50 on?" The answer is your gift. Why?

Imagine you're thinking of giving him a tie. You can easily find a $50 tie somewhere -- though we'll bet he's spending $125-$175 on his neckwear. Yet, there are plenty of gifts for $50 that are best-in-class items. Consider putting your money towards a pair of socks, boxer shorts, or some limited edition collar stays.

Buy him something he wouldn't buy himself  Razor & Brush Set
This is true when gift-giving for just about anyone, but also holds true for the guy who has everything. For example, technically, he owns socks. And technically, he can afford to buy himself cashmere socks. But most men, even rich men, rarely spend $60 on cashmere hosiery. Of all the gadgets and toys we love to buy, there are certain accoutrements that just don't rise to the top of his priority list, which is precisely what makes them a great gift. Think about a really nice shave set (razor, stand, badger hair shave brush). Bespoke stationery is another great idea, especially because it is personalized. Other great ideas include a leather wine bottle carrier, change base, flasks, a desktop lighter, or just about anything in alligator leather.


Buy him something he shouldn't buy for himself
A gentleman is not supposed to buy his own cufflinks. Back when men wore French cuff shirts all the time, cuff links were a common gift. Every pair that a man owned came with a story: "My grandfather handed these down to me" or "My wife bought these for me on our anniversary". Today, the modern gentleman is often left on his own to buy his own cufflinks which takes much of the charm out of wearing them. Do him a favor - pick a nice pair and give him a story to tell.

Thank you Sir, may I have another? 
He has a nice corkscrew. He has a cigar humidor. He has golf shirts. The modern gentleman can never have too many of any of those things. Perhaps he keeps an extra corkscrew at his office. Or glove compartment. And if he really is the guy who has everything, then he will also need one for his private plane, each of his cars, and each of his homes. Other items for which a gentleman will always appreciate more: decanters, watches, cufflinks (see above), and ties, to name a few.

Desk Accessories

His office is almost as dear as his home
The modern gentleman wants to project his sense of style at work, at home, and at play. There are plenty of gifts that enable him to surround himself in comfort at HQ or at the home office. Matching metal or leather desk accessories, sports memorabilia to hang on the wall, or beautiful picture frames for photos of his family and friends are no-brainers.


His favorite liquor is a very safe bet
If nothing strikes your fancy, you can always rely on a nice bottle of his favorite spirit - Scotch, bourbon, cognac, tequila, gin. If you know his favorite, you'll make him happy because he likes it. If you get him something new, he'll appreciate the opportunity to expand his frame of reference. The same could be said for his favorite box of cigars or a special bottle of wine. We currently sell wine & spirits in our San Francisco store at 550 Montgomery Street, downtown San Francisco in the heart of the Financial District. Please stop by for a visit.


If you're going to do clothing... 
Keep it simple. There's a reason why ties are the most popular Father's Day gift. Sweaters work too (and you only have to guess small, medium, large or extra large). Scarves and gloves are underrated gifts given his propensity to travel for work and pleasure.

Gift Finder

Give me more direction
Ok, you've made it this far, so you're probably looking for a more direct approach to your gift buying guidance. You'll get that with a very cool, patent-would-be-pending-if-we-could-find-the-time-to-fill-out-the-paperwork Interactive Gift Guide for the Guy Who Has Everything web application. Define his passions and filter by price to zero-in quickly.


When all else fails, think Gift Certificate
We like to think we have hundreds of great gifts for men, but at the end of the day, you can never go wrong with a GIFT CERTIFICATE. Choose an amount from $50 to $1,000 and let him explore everything that we have to offer.

If none of the ideas above resonate, maybe you'll Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything here.