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How To Serve Caviar

There are many ways to serve caviar. Caviar can be served by itself as an appetizer. It can be used as a garnish on many dishes.

Here are some tips on serving caviar properly:

First, consume it within a week after you purchase it. Caviar distributors can store the fresh product at the ideal temperature- about 26F (-3C) degrees- but home refrigerators are too warm and freezers are too cold.

If the caviar is in a vacuum-packed glass jar, you can extend its life for a couple of weeks by wrapping the jar in a plastic bag and putting it in a bowl of ice. Change the ice frequently. Connoisseurs prefer to use mother-of-pearl, bone or enamel spoons because caviar tastes metallic when eaten off stainless or silver spoons. If you are making hors d'oeuvres in the privacy of your kitchen and you've misplaced your caviar spoon, you may even consider using a plastic spoon. If your guests will be serving themselves, best make sure you order one of Tsar Nicoulai's hand-crafted spoons.

Offer crustless plain toast or blinis. Rich, tender eggs will burst when pressed to the roof of your mouth. A hard cracker or greasy potato chip would be inappropriate for this delicacy.

Creme fraiche is a cultured whole cream. Its taste compliments the buttery sumptuous taste of caviar and the wholesomeness of fresh toast points. The richness of creme fraiche also marries the subtle saltiness of the caviar with the crisp fruitiness of champagne.

Chopped eggs and chopped onions should be avoided as they tend to compete with the taste of the caviar and are usually only used to hide the taste of low quality caviars.

Or, why not enjoy your shot of vodka with a plain dollop of caviar on the back of your hand, in the style of chefs and caviar makers?