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Leather Care

The Age of Leather

The great thing about leather is that it gets better with age. Actually, let's restate that, the great thing about leather is that it CAN get better with age. Age adds a degree of character to leather that is impossible to get with any other material. But how do you know that the leather item you're interested in will age well?

With leather quality is everything. When purchasing a leather good, make sure that it is composed of premium full-grain hides - and smaller items should be made from a single hide. The finish is also very important, it should enhance the hide and be appropriate to not only the type of hide, but the intended use of the hide as well. Lastly, take care of your fine leather items by periodically conditioning them with a rich leather conditioner.

Keeping Your Hide Clean

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness with a soft, clean, white lint-free cloth. If color appears on cloth, you may be using too harsh of a cleaning product.

To clean, apply leather cleaner to a white lint-free cloth or sponge, and apply to soiled area in a gentle circular motion (do not rub). Wait a few minutes, then blot with a soft, clean white lint-free cloth and reapply if area is heavily soiled. If the leather is extremely dry, it may cause the leather cleaner to dissipate very quickly. If this is the case, add 25% distilled water to the leather cleaner, which will create the dampening effect needed to release the soil for cleaning.