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When The Hound in San Francisco opens its bar in 2005, you can count on being able to order any of the drinks below. The recipes are from Dale DeGroff's Craft of the Cocktail.

Legend has it that in 1874, a bartender at the Manhattan Club created the Manhattan when Jennie Churchill (mother of Winston) threw a party for her father's friend, the newly elected governor of New York, Samuel James Tilden. (Tilden lays claim to another footnote in history: like Vice President Al Gore, he was defeated in his 1876 bid for the Presidency even though he won the popular vote, just after he was elected Governor of New York). The formula for the Manhattan-style drink is two or three parts of whiskey to one part sweet vermouth. For the perfect Manhattan, both sweet and dry vermouth are used. Since New York was a rye town in those days, the original Manhattan was made with rye whiskey.

2 ounces blended or straight whiskey
1 ounce Italian sweet vermouth
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
Cherry, for garnish

Pour all the ingredients over ice in a mixing glass and stir as you would a Martini. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the cherry.

Extra-Dry Martini
Like all royalty, the King of Cocktails has lineage. The British claim the Martini was named after a late-nineteenth-century firearm of the same name, famous for its kick. The Martini & Rossi vermouth company takes credit for its name, since vermouth is the defining ingredient in the Martini, and they did market a bottled dry Martini around the world in the 1890s.

1 dash dry French vermouth
3 ounces gin or vodka
Pitted olive (no pimiento) or lemon peel, for garnish

Stir with ice in a mixing glass (50 times if using large cubes, 30 if using small ones). Strain into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with olive or lemon peel or both.

Dirty Martini
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first to popularize this odd drink. If you want to try this one at home, get a jar of gourmet martini olives which are packed in vermouth and spirit vinegar.

Dash of dry French vermouth
3 ounces gin or vodka
1/4 ounce olive brine
Pitted cocktail olive (no pimiento), for garnish

Stir all the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with the olive.

Cigar Lover's Martini
Recipe by Andrea Immer, noted wine & spirits authority

2 1/2 ounces VS Cognac
1/2 ounce 5-year tawny port
Flamed orange peel for garnish

Combine the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and stir to chill. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with the flamed orange peel.

Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned was created at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. There are two warring camps of Old Fashioned drinkers: those who muddle the fruit and those who don't.

1 teaspoon sugar
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
2 orange slices
2 maraschino cherries
Water or soda water
2 ounces bourbon

In the bottom of an old fashioned glass, carefully muddle the sugar, Angostura, one orange slice, one cherry, and a splash of water or soda. Remove the orange rind and add the bourbon, ice, and water or soda. Garnish with the remaining orange slice and cherry.