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Mulholland Brothers Leathers

Lariat Signature Leather

Lariat Lariat leather was first developed for saddles and saddlebags used by Pony Express riders over a hundred years ago. Its strength is legendary. From the beginning, we embraced Lariat leather for all the obvious reasons, and it remains one of our most popular lines. Mulholland interprets Lariat in a wide range of products ... everything from indestructible luggage and wallets to travel flasks and a signature roll-up backgammon game board. The toasted honey brown color contains waxy tannins that surface over time, enhancing the natural marks and character scratches that come from daily use. The beauty of the product is unique in that no two pieces will ever wear the same way. Like an interesting face, Lariat leather has a genuine, soulful character that just gets better and better with time. The rugged hides stand up to almost anything without flinching. Combine these hides with Mulholland's serious construction methods, and it's obvious why the bags last and last.


StoutBridle TanVinoBlack

Latigo is saddle leather made from full-grain hides that have been cured with natural vegetable extracts. It is admired by our customers for its superior richness and depth of color. To create Latigo's distinctive sheen, a glass cylinder is spun at high speed across each tanned hide. Mulholland offers Latigo in four colors: Stout (a dark roast coffee bean color), Bridle Tan (a rich caramel brown), Vino (a deep wine-colored burgundy), and Black (timeless and classic).


Stout w/ BlackBlack w/ BlackBridle Tan w/ HazelOlive w/ Olive

Endurance~a high-performance, waterproof, laminated polyvinyl~was designed to resist fading, cracks, tears or scratches without flinching. It cleans up quickly with a little mild soap and water. The laminated fabric features fine pebble-graining and is trimmed with Latigo leather in the following combinations: Stout/Black, Black/Black, and Hazel/Bridle Tan.

Momentum Pebble Grain

Black MomentumChocolate MomentumOlive Momentum

Momentum soft leather is derived from a tumbled cowhide tanned through the same process as deerskin. The result is a leather of incredible softness, durability and scratch resistance. Latigo leather accents and straps complement each piece, while an orange microfiber interior provides a hidden yet bold splash of color.

Vintage Waxed Canvas

Cotton CanvasThe Vintaged Waxed Canvas collection was developed when Mulholland was looking for an all-natural fiber that was as strong as iron, could be offered to customers at a very competitive price, and would wear like a pair of favorite jeans. After extensive testing, this material was the clear winner. Vinage Waxed Canvas has been the choice for sail making, carpenters' bags and awnings for centuries because it stands up to anything nature or man can throw its way. Mulholland chose thick 18-ounce fabric for this collection. Just like a new pair of jeans, the material improves and softens with time and wear. It is very durable without being heavy. When empty, the luggage pieces collapse easily for storage; when pressed into action they can be stuffed full and conform to the shape of their contents. All of the pieces in the collection are trimmed with Latigo leather. Color options include Tan/Bridle and Olive/Stout.


Chroma BlueChroma LimeChroma PinkChroma RedChroma Orange

The Chroma line is made of rich, supple leathers in saturated, sun-drenched colors. Nothing shy about Chroma. The line includes, among other things, classic Mulholland change trays livened up with color, and key fobs and luggage tags so noticeable that anyone can spot their bag coming off the airport luggage conveyor. Chroma is all about color, individuality and style.

American Alligator

Black AlligatorBrown AlligatorBurgundy AlligatorCobalt AlligatorTangerine AlligatorLime Alligator

American Alligator is valued for its durability and natural beauty. At Mulholland Brothers, they hand select only the finest farm-raised alligator hides and carefully match each one to an appropriate design. Finished with a high polish to reveal their richness, Mulholland Brothers Alligator designs are treasured for their classic patterns, attention to detail and painstaking handwork.


Mulholland meets the demand for luxury leather goods head-on with the introduction of a carefully edited line of American-made deerskin bags. Each skin bears a distinctive signature because of its fine and unique graining. The most coveted feature of these leathers is their remarkable softness, which belies their strength and durability. Deerskin will remain soft and supple for years with the proper care.