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Popping The Cork

So you're ready to pop her cork? What tool should you use? The answer is a matter of personal taste. Here are two schools of thought that weigh in on the issue:

Old School
Purists would argue that the true way to open a bottle of wine is with a Waiter's Friend-type corkscrew. Hopefully, it includes a small knife for cutting the foil, and then the traditional corkscrew for twisting in and pulling out. Opening a bottle this way certainly shows a touch of class. It takes practice and patience to master this technique. One other advantage to the waiter's friend? Small enough to fit into inconspicuous places.


  • Demonstrates a gentleman's touch
  • Fits nicely in a coat pocket
  • New School

    Then there are the newfangled gadgets like the Screwpull and Rabbit openers that can open a bottle of wine in about 10 seconds flat. Most come with a fancy little foil cutter that gets you started, and then you wrap the ears around the bottle, pull down, then up, and you're done. Guests will be impressed with the speed and consistency of these gadgets. If you entertain often, and plan to open a lot of wine in a night, a Screwpull or Rabbit is the best bet because of its speed and ease of use.


  • No faster way to open a bottle
  • Anyone can use it
  • No risk of spilling