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Philosophically, Wingtip wants to deliver value. We would fail as a business if our customers felt they were receiving less than they paid for, in terms of both products and service. What follows are few words on our pricing policy.

Seems like everyone is selling everything for the same price?

Most of our vendors require us to sell us their products at MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Prices). Every legitimate retailer of these brands must respect the pricing rules set by the manufacturer if they wish to carry the products. Of course there are always gray and black market retailers who will advertise lower prices for what are supposedly the same goods, but the phrase caveat emptor exists for a reason.

So we often have little discretion when setting our prices. In those cases where we do have some leeway, we aim to keep our markups fair. And we always like to sweeten every deal, with programs like free shipping on all orders 24/7/365, free hemming on full price pants, and free debossing on most leather goods.

What if I find something cheaper elsewhere?

While we offer competitive pricing on everything we sell, you may still find a product we sell offered elsewhere for less. More often than not, it's not the same product; they may be featuring an odd size or a discontinued product from the same brand. But if you can find the exact product you are buying from us advertised for less elsewhere, we will match their price. Please email with a link to the lower price and your request for a price match. A few details:

  • The lower price must be for the exactly the same product that you seek, e.g. the same size and color shoe.
  • That lower price must include shipping (since we ship free).
  • We reserve the right to refuse a price match, say in the case of a liquidation sale elsewhere.

At best, we improve on our competitor's price; at worst, you buy it from someone else for less.

The Bottom Line

The products we choose to carry are not cheap -- they are investment-quality goods. That said, we recognize that some customers may be taken aback by the premiums such items command. Our goal is to assure you that every dollar you spend is justified by the quality of the product and the service we provide.