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Cirrus 2" Ice Ball Press Package

Cirrus 2" Ice Ball Press Package
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Ice Ball

The ice ball is used to solve the problem of drink dilution caused by traditional ice melting too rapidly. In select bars, you will find bartenders in charge of carving out a sphere from a block of ice for customers. Lately, for increased efficiency and cost reduction, ice ball makers like The Cirrus Press have been invented. The Cirrus Ice Ball Press is the first to be manufactured in the U.S., with higher quality and better functionality than more expensive units.

Why A Sphere?

A sphere has the lowest surface area to volume ration of any solid. That means less less ice in contact with your drink, which means slower dilution, giving you more time to enjoy your favorite beverage. A small ice ball, or a handful of them, won't work though — you need a larger one that created by a Cirrus Press.

How Does It Work?

Place a chunk of ice between the two halves of the Cirrus Ice Ball Press. The top half of the assembly is then placed on the guide-rails attached to the bottom assembly. Let the Cirrus Ice Ball Press, and gravity, do the work, and a minute later you'll have a perfectly spherical ice ball with which you can impress friends and customers.

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