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Le Nez du Vin 54 Aroma Master Kit

Le Nez du Vin 54 Aroma Master Kit
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Product Description

The Make Scents of Wine technique is based on "Le Nez du Vin," the best-selling book by Jean Lenoir. The collection has been updated for the new millenium to replicate the delicate flavors of wines from around the globe. The Master Kit is your comprehensive nose-training guide to the perplexing world of wine scents. These 54 aroma vials (see below for the full list) contain the most common scents found in red and white (including Champagne) wines, as well as their most common faulty scents.

  • 54 aroma vials
  • 54 illustrated explanatory cards
  • A 120-page booklet
  • Presented in a newly designed cloth-bound case
  • This kit qualifies for FREE SHIPPING

The 54 Aromas

Fruit Aromas

: 01) Lemon, 02) Grapefruit, 03) Orange, 04) Pineapple, 05) Banana, 06) Lychee, 07) Melon, 08) Muscat, 09) Apple, 10) Pear, 11) Quince, 12) Strawberry, 13) Raspberry, 14) Redcurrant, 15) Blackcurrant, 16) Bilberry, 17) Blackberry, 18) Cherry, 19) Apricot, 20) Peach, 21) Almond [kernel], 22) Prune, 23) Walnut

Floral Aromas: 24) Hawthorn, 25) Acacia, 26) Linden, 27) Honey, 28) Rose, 29) Violet

Vegetal Aromas: 30) Green pepper, 31) Mushroom, 32) Truffle, 33) Yeast, 34) Cedar, 35) Pine, 36) Licorice, 37) Blackcurrant bud, 38) Cut hay, 39) Thyme, 40) Vanilla, 41) Cinnamon, 42) Clove, 43) Pepper, 44) Saffron

Animal Aromas: 45) Leather, 46) Musk, 47) Butter

Grilled Aromas: 48) Toasted bread, 49) Roasted almonds, 50) Roasted hazelnut, 51) Caramel, 52) Coffee, 53) Dark chocolate, 54) Smoked

Three Uses for the Master Kit

Developing the sense of smell

We all have a very sensitive sense of smell but practice helps us to recognize and identify the different aromas present in wine.

Learning the language of wine

How can we detect the aromas in wine if they are not stored in our scent memory or if we cannot put a name to them? Jean Lenoir approaches the problem as if he were writing a dictionary, introducing us to aromas and helping us remember them as if we were learning a foreign language. The collection provides users with a way of communicating their love of wine.

Improving our appreciation of wine
We all enjoy drinking wine but that pleasure is heightened if we are able to appreciate different tastes and assess the wine's richness and complexity.


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More Information

Read more about Le Nez du Vin here.

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