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Michael Toschi Golf G3

Michael Toschi Golf G3
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Product Description

Toschi's most performance-oriented (and hip if we do say so ourselves) golf shoe equipped with RED TERRAGRIP CONTACT outsole technology - offering superior flexibility for ultimate ground feel and the most stable, controlled return of kinetic energy in the golf shoe industry. Antibacterial insole base, perforated Italian calf upper for warm dry conditions, goatskin lining and of course the super performance of the Toschi CIS, CONTACT, ACTIFIT and Balanced Platform Concept technologies.

If you think the shoes you stand in do not affect your entire game, think again. Toschi golf shoes are the only golf shoes that consider the golfers standing platform - the most important detail when designing a golf shoe. Equipped with the super performance of the Toschi technologies:

  • CONTAC - a stance-stabilizing traction system with Ionet suspension
  • CIS - a carbon fiber composite foot platform that provides positive ground feel and an anatomically neutral foot platform
  • HUSKY - an oil and wax impregnated performance leather produced by Italy's premier performance leather tannery.

The foundation of your entire golf game, the power of your swing, and the accuracy of your shot, is dependent upon the shoes you stand in. Acting as the interface between you and the green, responsible for traction, stability, and consistency, your golf shoe is the most important piece of equipment you bring to the course. The Toschi Golf Collection represents Michael Toschi's commitment to designing and building the absolute best golf footwear in the world.

Made in Italy, designed without compromise and inspired by a challenge to create the ultimate piece of equipment in the game of golf.


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  • Read the latest blog about Michael Toschi's newest line of completely handmade shoes called Vecchia Mano.
  • Read the latest blog about Michael Toschi's newest line of completely handmade shoes called Vecchia Mano.


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