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Perlage Champagne Saver

Perlage Champagne Saver
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Product Description

Anyone who has ever opened a bottle of sparkling wine knows that whatever doesn't get consumed the first night often ends up ruined. This is a problem that has defied a solution since the invention of Champagne over 300 years ago...until the Perlage System came along. The Perlage System allows opened bottles of champagne to maintain their flavor and sparkle for weeks.

Perlage is a true preservation system, not simply a cap, cork, stopper, keeper or vacuum gadget. That's why it's used in thousands of restaurants world wide, and by producers of the finest champagnes, like Dom Perignon. It works by returning the headspace of the opened bottle to exactly the same composition and pressure of gasses that existed before the bottle was opened, first by purging the headspace of oxygen, then repressurizing the headspace with pure carbon dioxide to the exact pressure that existed before the bottle was opened. In a sense, the bottle doesn't "know" it's been opened. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Now you can pour yourself a glass without worrying that you'll waste the entire bottle...


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  • Click here to see a video about the creation of the Perlage System.

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