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Schott Zwiesel Enoteca Bordeaux Premier Crus - Set of 6

Schott Zwiesel Enoteca Bordeaux Premier Crus - Set of 6
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Product Description

Schott Zwiesel's ENOTECA line provides a complete range of connoisseur glasses in high quality crystal glass. The titanium crystal means the glass bowls can be thin walled but still retain great resilience. The Enoteca range includes exquisite bowl shapes which are designed to enhance varities of red wines and white wines. There are also different stems for sparkling wines and champagnes. The collection is completed with special shapes for aperitifs, after dinner cordials, cocktails, and mineral water. A complete connoisseur's collection!

Zwiesel 1872 is an expression of tradition and character. Zwiesel believes in the enduring ideal of value associated with superior design. The art of creating crystal glass by hand is today, more than ever before, the factor which provides that essential spark of character. A spark that in Zwiesel 1872 is married to a Bavarian tradition that has been associated with good taste for over 130 years. This is what the Zwiesel 1872 brand stands for.

The key motivation behind their design initiatives was the human sense of longing for character. Only those things which stand out from the mass, which have unique and therefore memorable identities, earn their appreciation in the long term. Zwiesel's aim is to produce product that has a desirable, aesthetically pleasing shape, so that it feels right and stands out. This is how they can ensure longevity of appeal. In fact the most complex of objects manufactured from glass, even today, can only be made by hand. Mouth-blown crystal glass, created under the Zwiesel 1872 brand, always conveys its superior origin, through its noble weight and elegant design. The trace of fine air bubbles, captured at the moment of creation, as well as the deep luster, of the multi-layered colors, are the signs of the luxurious art of hand crafted creation, Zwiesel 1872 have learned across 125 years of manufacturing success.


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Dimensions: 11.2" H x 4.3" W

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