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Rules For City Guides

The City Guides published here are meant to offer a quick reference to tbe modern gentleman while he is on the road. Rather than opening a phone book (assuming you can find one anymore), or bringing up Citysearch and its directories of everything, these Guides hand pick the key types of venues that you might need to visit: a steakhouse, cigar store, golf course, martini bar, business lunch spot, and more. 

Businesses listed in the city guides meet most, if not all, of the following criteria:

  1. They are exceptional at what they do. Different strokes for different folks means these places aren't for everyone, but then, that's the point.
  2. They have stood the test of the time. Picking the hot, new spot today just means it might be gone tomorrow. "Trendy" will rarely be used to describe a place in our guides.
  3. They are authentic, local spots. Morton's Steakhouse makes a fine filet, but if you've been to one, you've been to them all. The hometown favorite beats the chain every time. 
  4. Everything matters. When we pick a bar for the "Best Martini", the gin & vermouth is a major part of it, but there are many other factors that come into play: the atmosphere, the bartender(s), the music, and the patrons all play important roles as well.   

The ideal spot for each category exhibits some of the following features:

Best Steakhouse

  • Every course is key: appetizers or salad, entree, wine list, dessert, after-dinner drinks;
  • Bonus points for live music, cigar lounge or wine lockers.

Best Business Lunch Spot

  • You will see a recognizable power broker on every visit;
  • The best tables are already reserved for aforementioned diners;
  • Lots of private booths for when discretion is required;

Best Martini

  • The bar has at least a few bottles of scotch, bourbon, or gin that you've never tried (vodka doesn't count since a new one comes out every 12 hours); 
  • Chocolate martini's and apple-tini's are not on the menu;
  • Bartenders have been working long enough to recognize most Regulars;
  • Bonus points if your martini is served chilled in a small glass with the remainder in a beaker on ice until you're ready to re-fill your glass.

Best Cigar Store

  • A walk-in humidor with a solid selection of premium cigars; 
  • Educated & friendly cigar lovers as staff;
  • A small lounge to sit and enjoy your cigar; 
  • Bonus points for free wi-fi, cable TV, espresso machine, or liquor cabinet.

Best Barber Spa

  • Actual licensed barbers that can cut hair and perform a straight razor shave;
  • Offers at least one of the following: manicures, facials, massage, or shoe shine;
  • Selection of legitimate men's grooming products like those sold here;
  • Bonus points for head & shoulder massage or eyebrow trimming.

Best Private Golf Courses

  • Complimentary driving range balls, long tees, and/or water bottles;
  • Tee times spaced out by at least 10 minutes;
  • Phone-in lunch or snacks at the 9th tee to be ready at the Turn;
  • Bonus points for caddy service, or complimentary, personalized bag tag (thx Pebble). 

We are very interested in your comments and suggestions. If you have a criterion that should be added, let us know. Have a favorite spot that was overlooked? Tell us about it.