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Shave Cream vs. Gel vs. Foam

Unless you're an unwavering masochist, you wouldn't pour straight alcohol on an open-wound. So why subject your face to such treatment by using store bought shaving foams or gels that contain high amounts of (you guessed it) alcohol? One of the main reasons so many men come to dread shaving is the discomfort it often produces, but as many skin care professionals have noted -- a key way to avoid this burning irritation is to shun these kinds of shave foams or gels entirely. The alcohol in such products tends to dry skin rather than properly prep it for a more comfortable shave by hydrating and conditioning it. Additionally, these canned foams or gels contain more air than 'premium' shaving products and this affects their ability to adequately suspend your facial hairs upright during your shave, which accordingly decreases the softness, or thoroughness of your shave and also increases the likelihood that your razor will drag across your skin and 'burn' it. So if you experience regular discomfort, or a less that baby-soft shave when using these products -- you should switch to a glycerin-based, premium shaving cream, soap, or gel as this should immediately improve your shaving experience.

We've found that men with manicured facial hair or sensitive skin both tend to prefer shaving gels. For those who need to skillfully maneuver around the shape of their goatee or mustache, the use of a gel is preferable because it remains clear and doesn't lather-up upon application -- meaning that you'll always be able to see the hair beneath and avoid trimming too far into your beard, etc. Similarly, for those with easily irritated skin or 'problem areas' (due to break-outs, etc.), the gel makes it easier to avoid both cutting delicate skin and occasionally re-shaving areas you've already covered. Gels also tend to come unscented, which is a further benefit should your skin be sensitive.

In terms of choosing between a shave soap or cream, we've found that the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference (as they tend to deliver similar results). For those who like to grind their own coffee beans, press their own shirts, and shine their own shoes -- shaving soap is probably the best bet, as you get to work-up your own lather every morning with a soap. Accordingly, for those who prefer picking-up their coffee from the local coffee shop, dropping their shirts off at the laundry, and well, you get the picture -- a shaving cream would be a better option, as the cream comes whipped straight out of its container.

Other factors to consider in making your choice is the product's scent (or lack thereof) and how you plan to store and apply the product (Do you have a shave bowl? Use a badger hair shave brush?). Regardless of your choice, rest assured that all of the shaving gels, creams and soaps that we offer are not only alcohol free or very low in their alcohol content, but they all contain ingredients that help to soothe and repair your skin while you shave.