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The Perfect Shave

Over 90% of the male population makes shaving the first order of business each day, yet this daily chore is neglected and done incorrectly by the vast majority of men. Too often the result of a poor shave is discomfort in the form of cuts, razor-burn, rashes and dry-skin. We at The Hound believe that the simple pleasure of wet shaving, when done correctly, will make a man look and feel better every morning. The benefits of a good traditional wet shave are many. For starters, it gives a man the closest, most comfortable shave possible that lasts throughout the day. It also exfoliates the skin (removing dead skin cells) and allows the skin to breathe. The aftershave process restores moisture and soothes the skin. Our shaving method will help you enjoy a great shave.

Step 1: Prepare

The key to a perfect shave is to prepare your skin before you apply your shaving cream. If possible, shave during or after a hot shower, or (time permitting) apply a hot damp towel to the cleaned face for about 2 minutes before shaving. This softens the beard and stimulates the skin's oil glands leading to a closer, smoother shave. Un-softened whiskers are extremely hard on the blade and will shorten the blade life. A dull blade is the primary cause for razor burn and cuts.

Step 2: Apply Shaving Cream

Use a shaving cream, shaving soap or shave gel that lathers well with water. Although shaving cream may be applied with the fingers, a badger hair shaving brush makes the lathering process much easier. Other benefits of using the badger hair brush is that it exfoliates the skin and lifts the whiskers so they are ready to be shaven. Use a small amount of shaving cream and massage onto the wet skin by moving the brush (or fingers) in a circular motion. Lather back and forth over the skin, against the grain of the beard to produce a full lather - the more thorough the lathering process the better the shave.

Step 3: Shave

Use a quality blade with a handle that offers weight and balance for better control.

We recommend shaving with or across the grain of the beard, but not directly against it. Failure to do this is a major cause of razor burn and in-grown hairs*. Glide the razor gently over the skin, holding the skin taut with the free hand. Keep the razor well-rinsed to avoid clogging the blade.

Step 4: Moisturize & Disinfect

We want to stress that aftershaving is a process, not just a product. After shaving, apply cold water to the face to close the pores then pat the skin dry. It is important to use an aftershave product to moisturize and disinfect the skin.

*Ingrown Hairs - aka "Pseudofolliculitis Barbae"

Mainly men with curly hair suffer from Ingrown hairs. The most common area that men experience this problem is on the neck around the Adams apple. In this area the hair grows in multiple directions, making it hard to shave in the direction of the growth.

You should inspect the hair growth in this area very closely, and try to shave in the direction of the hair growth, and do not pull or tug your skin straight when shaving this problem area.

The bump is caused by cutting the hair to close to the surface of the skin, allowing the hair to grow out and tuck itself under the skin, causing an infection and inflammation. If the hair is cut in the direction of the growth it will not provide the closest shave, but it will leave the hair just above the skin surface allowing it to grow out straight.